Quick reminder: Free webcast on March 9 - Building A 2TB Highly Available MySQL Database with Danil Zburivsky

So this weekend the lovely Sheeri Cabral and Sarah Novotny recorded a podcast that explains what MySQL’ers would get out of attending COLLABORATE 11 (besides getting to go to the Harry Potter theme park for free, but that’s included, too.) One of the things I really liked was how they highlighted that COLLABORATE isn’t sales-y or run by Oracle – it’s run by users, and the MySQL sessions were picked out by MySQL users.  We’ve got open times for discussion and “ask the expert” options. We’ve got the MySQL Community Dinner East. Oh, and the ladies did provide a special registration rate.

Not to spoil the ending, but essentially the MySQL program at COLLABORATE is focused on operations,  so there’s lots of great tuning, storage, replication, etc etc etc, and maybe a little sandboxing. If you haven’t heard the podcast, make sure to listen in. It’s fun to listen to Sheeri do the math on how much education is really in a conference.

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